Remember months ago when I started the computer/craft room project?  Yeah, well, after I got everything sorted and boxed, that was it... all progress stopped.  I've been living with a wall of boxes in my computer/craft room for... well... months.  Not pretty, but better than the mess that was here before.

Well, yesterday the planets aligned or whatever it is that people say, anyway, my husband and I *both* were off, home, and healthy.  We tackled some projects around the house and made great progress.

Moved:  ALL of the craft boxes went upstairs to their future home.     The old aquarium stand and tv were moved into the computer room.  I'm so pleased with how much bigger the space looks now.... not to mention lighter without all those boxes!  The old aquarium was a corner model, so the large wooden stand is perfect for the old tv.  We haven't decided if we'll hook up cable in here or just use the tv for the kids' video games.  Either way, it's a better use for it than having it sit on the floor of the living room!

  • FINALLY got trash pick-up arranged for a broken recliner chair that's been sitting in our garage, in pieces, for months.   It will be picked up tomorrow morning.   
  • Also going at that time: the broken frame from the toddler bed that the kids broke last fall.  It couldn't be repaired, so it's going, too.
  • A black trash bag full of random papers and decorations from the computer room.  These were things that didn't fit into boxes or were behind the wall of boxes.  I'm amazed that that much stuff came from that small space!
  • A whole bag full of shoes from the front hall closet.  That was my husband's project... I didn't think there were many in there to go, since it seems like I just cleaned it out, but he was right.  There were several pairs the kids have outgrown or that were just too gross/worn out to keep
Passed Along/ Recycled:
  • I gave away the white trash bag full of books that I had decluttered a while back.  The sad thing is, I could probably fill another bag now.  But, my sister was happy to have them, and I know she'll take the next batch, as well.   
  •  Late last week I spent an hour cleaning in the garage, and by the end our recycling bin was overflowing.  Somehow we always wind up with extra boxes and soda cartons all over the garage in the winter.  It felt good to break them all down and get them ready to go!
Whew!  I am energized and ready to tackle more things this evening.  Our trash goes out tonight for early morning pick-up, so I'm trying to see what else I can add to the mountain at the curb.  :)

What have YOU decluttered this week?  Feel free to leave your link in the comments, or, just answer there.  I'd love to have you join me each week for Tossed It Tuesdays!

I'm also linking up to Tackle It Tuesday, as this week I feel like my tackles were worthy of sharing! 

Don't forget to join me here on Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!

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  1. Zelma Says:

    Great tackle! I'm a procrastinator :(

  2. Wow. You did LOTS! Downright inspiring!! I definitely need to get to some major decluttering projects of my own, the garage being the most horrific of the bunch. I have high hopes for a garage sale this weekend, but may opt to just bag it and donate it. Ever heard of A great place to get rid of things. You never know what other people might be willing to come pick up for their own use. Great post. Stopping by from Tackle it Tuesday...

  3. Patty Says:

    Gah I look triple lazy next to you! lol Way to go! I'm feeling so inspired to get so much purging and organizing this week!

    Also wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award! I really love how your blog looks and all the inspiration. Check out the award at

    My Chaotic Home

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