I did it!  I spent Saturday afternoon working on my craft table.  When I started, it was heaped high with assorted papers, craft supplies, catalogs, junk mail, etc.  I wish I had thought to take a picture, but basically I think it looked something like this:
Photo credit: DianneOrwig
It was to the point where putting one more paper on there would result in an avalanche. Not pretty.

By the time I was finished, it looked like this:

Now, to anyone else, that might not seem like much progress.  (Again, wish I had taken that "before" shot!)   But I see less than half of what was piled there to begin with, and that makes me very happy.  I'm left with ten white file boxes, none of them anywhere near full.  Each one has a specific category, and if an item didn't fit into one of those, out it went.   I filled a huge black trash bag with trash. Filled. 

I was ruthless in the purging. I flung scraps of scrapbook paper that I normally would have held onto.  I am working really hard to get it into my head that a clean, decluttered space is much better than hanging onto tons of extra clutter "just in case" I need it.

Now to keep this momentum going and finish the room....  

I'm linking up to Tackle It Tuesday... and you can, too- just share what you've accomplished from your to-do list this week!
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  1. Honey Says:

    I love that photo at the top.

    You did a great job with your sorting too. Paper clutter is so hard to keep control of. I think that is part of my problem too although I am getting much better at just recycling most things.

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back next week.


  2. Zoo Mommy Says:

    Ugh, paperwork. I think it multiplies at night sometimes. Or maybe that's just my children.

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