It's Tuesday, it's my only day off from work this week, nobody here is sick and it's rainy/gloomy outside.  What does that mean?   I FINALLY have some time to really work on decluttering! 

I'll be working on my closet today- it's in need of some serious purging.   I'll be back later today with an updated list of everything I tossed today... and maybe even some photos!

Hope to see YOUR list then, too!

Update:  LOL.... well, life happens.  I didn't get to work on the closet that day after all, but that's ok.  I did some cleaning and laundry, and ran a few errands, and by then, my time and energy were drained.  The closet is still on my to-do list, though!  ;)

Don't forget to join me here on Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!
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