Trashed: a bag's worth of junk from my desk... mostly papers and packaging.   (I really wish our recycling company would pick up regular paper instead of just newspaper!)

Shared:  a trash bag full of boy sized clothes, passed down to my nephew.   Also in the bag were some random toddler things I've found as we clean & declutter-- a couple of brand new toddler plastic spoons/forks, etc.    It feels good to finally have this bag out of the house! 

Still working on the organized household notebook from my last post... I've got to have somewhere to corral all the paperwork from upcoming Spring events! 

What did you get out of your house this week?

Don't forget to join me here on Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!
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  1. Patty Says:

    Hi Violet! Thanks for coming by my blog. I love yours! I've not tossed much yet, but I plan on tossing a lot when I get going on that game table later.

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