First off, an apology: working a ton of overtime has left me with little family time and even less blogging time these past two weeks. This means that I have missed posting for the last two Tossed It Tuesdays.  My apologies to Deanne @ Organizing Amid Chaos and anyone else I missed who DID post for Tossed It Tuesday. 

Anyways.... the family time we did have was productive.  We cleaned out the entire basement/ play room and got rid of FOUR BLACK TRASHBAGS full of junk.  We also sent an entire kitchen sized trash bag of stuff to my nephew.  It seemed like the more we pitched, the easier it got.  The kids were on board with it and are happy with their much more functional play room.  My nephew was thrilled, my sister was appreciative, and I was just so happy to get that much more clutter out of our house.  

Next up: I'm going to get back to the master closet soon.  It REALLY needs a good cleaning out!

Don't forget to join me here on (most)Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!
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  1. Deanne Says:

    Yay! And not to worry. I didn't post either. I had started a new job and it was kicking my butt big time. I did post this past Tuesday though. I have a GREAT plan finally in place. Now just need to get the small consignor fee set aside so I can get the kids' stuff gone! Woo!

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