It's Tuesday and I haven't really tossed anything new since last week.   Sure, the party gift wrappings and containers went out.  The regular trash was a bigger pile than usual at the curb.  But nothing of note.... just trash.

The master closet project is becoming a joke between my husband and I.... every time I plan to clean it out, something else comes up.  Ah well.  It has to happen soon, as the weather is dictating that I HAVE to find time to put away my heavy sweaters and dig out some short sleeved tops. 

I spent part of my morning today getting my new coupon box set up.  The old one had been badly beaten up and I couldn't even get it to stay open when trying to file or use coupons.   So, today I labeled new divider tabs and moved my coupon stash into a new box.   Not exactly decluttering, but organizing... and that always feels good!    I probably should pitch the old box (which was actually a square make-up case), but I haven't yet... it may get a second life as a bathroom cabinet organizer.  

Anyone out there get anything decluttered/tossed this week?

Don't forget to join me here on Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!
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  1. Deanne Says:

    I joined you, of course!

    I am using a 4x6 plastic recipe card box for my coupon storage. I have little tiny folders (they are seriously adorable) that I have labeled and I divide my coupons up into that. It's the only coupon storage that has ever worked for me. It's great!

    I also use Excel to keep track of my coupons (but I may drop this portion of it) and I also keep extra index cards in the box so I can note on the card in the front of the folder what exactly is in the folder (product, quantity required to buy, how much I'll save and the expiration date). Kind of like a cheat sheet to my coupons. It works out really well for me.

    Actually, now that I'm talking about it, I might just have to do a photo post tomorrow about it. See? You totally inspire me! :)

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