Every day this week I've made a concentrated effort to cut down on the amount of junk email I receive.  I have a couple of email addresses, with one just used for online offers and purchases.   This is great in terms of limiting the amount of email I receive on my phone-- only my personal email comes there.  The rest is only read on my home computer.

The problem lies with my "junk email" address.  That email address makes up about 90% of my email daily, and most of it I don't even read.... it's newsletters from companies that I have signed up for a free sample from, or it's advertising from someone, or it's just pure junk.    And when I'm on my home computer, all of my email accounts open up in one program, so despite the separate email addresses I still have to sort through the junk and the personal stuff.  What a waste of time!

So.... every day this week I have taken a look at the junk emails.  If it's a company that regularly sends me useful coupons, it stays.  If it's a company that I no longer have an interest in, or one that I never read, I click through and unsubscribe from their mailing list.  Most of these have taken no more than 30 seconds.

I'm looking forward to having a lot less junk email facing me each day!

Don't forget to join me here on Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!
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  1. Deanne Says:

    Three things:

    One: It's Friday. I have never seen you post on Friday. Very cool! I like it!

    Two: Great job on going through all those emails! It's kind of crazy with all of those, isn't it?

    Three: I have a similar set up with my email accounts and with my junk mail items, I set them all up to go into certain folders, so that I can quickly and easily glance through the titles and see if there is anything that I want to read (usually there isn't) and then I can just click that little button up at the top and select the entire folder's contents to delete all at once). It is super fast and easy for me!

  2. Violet Says:

    LOL, Deanne-- it is rare for me to post on a Friday! :) I really want to post a couple of times a week here, I just haven't been able to lately. Hopefully more frequent posts (and less overtime at work) are coming soon!

  3. Deanne Says:

    I posted a response to you there, but since there isn't the option to subscribe to our comments via blogger, I thought I'd let you know. It just doesn't work well to have a "conversation" in the comment section of blogger. :/

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