This weekend's challenge: the pantry.  I was happy to see this one, because my pantry was definitely in need of some organizing after the holidays, when things got crammed in there every which way.

I kept groups of things in the same general location in the pantry.   I pulled things out, sorted them to their proper locations, recycled any boxes I could eliminate, and pitched the expired crackers, pudding, and drink mix.  I did all of this while I was making dinner, as the ground beef was browning and then as the enchiladas were baking.  Since my pantry is about three steps from my stove, it worked out great.

I've used one odd container for a while now.  See it there.... almost right in the middle?  I use a cardboard box to protect our bread from getting squished, which is a pet peeve of my husband's.  The height of the box also allows me to store tortillas laying flat on top of it, which works out great.   It's not a particularly pretty organizing solution, but it works for us!

If you really look closely, you'll see that I buy a lot of store brand items.  Most of the name brand items I buy were special sales or coupon deals.  There are a few exceptions, and one was made very obvious to me as I sorted things out.   Can you see it?   Down in the bottom right corner?  It's partially hidden, but anyway .. apparently I'm pretty partial to Barilla pasta.  There were 8 boxes in there, all Barilla brand.  LOL!   (This is not a sponsored post of any sort, just an observation of what I found in my own pantry.) 

This was one organizing task I'm glad to have done... it's something that I will appreciate on a daily basis.  What about you... have you organized your pantry lately?

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  1. Jenna Says:

    Oh, yours is so much better than mine! I have tall shelves, and their deep, there's not much I can do with it. I'm like you, I know where things are, but no one else can find anything. My husband ask where some thing is and get an answer like this - "The shelf with the pasta? See the box of mac n cheese? To the right of that is a can of pineapples, behind that and to the right is a jar of sauce, take a left at Old Man Jone's barn... oh wait, wrong directions" ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great job! Looks terrific.

  3. Tia Says:

    I went on a Barilla binge yesterday at the store. They were all $1 and I had coupons so I am now overstocked on those. :)

    Good job!

  4. Your pantry looks great! I love Barilla pasta too! I had 4 boxes of spaghetti, 1 box of fettucini, 1 box of jumbo pasta shells, and a bag of left over curly noodles. Pasta much?! It was nice to consolidate everything.

    I love your blog layout, by the way!

  5. kelmac Says:

    Great job on the pantry!! Yours looks GREAT!

  6. Shelly Says:

    Beautiful job! Plus...I really like your blog layout... so creative.

  7. Great job! I do love all my Tupperware & WalMart bins. I have collected them for years.

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