I got on a roll with decluttering this past weekend- I reorganized all of my lower kitchen cabinets and drawers. Pictures and post to come- right now I'm a little short on time! In the meantime, I didn't want to delay Tossed It Tuesday, so here's my list:

  • half a white garbage bag full of mismatched and worn out plastic kitchen containers
  • about six cardboard boxes 
  • the deep fryer that I didn't even know we still had-- haven't used it in YEARS and it was too gunky and gross looking to donate
  • six plastic cooking utensils that were warped, burned, or otherwise junky
  • a couple of random baby bottle caps, spoons, and other gear found deep in the cupboards and drawers.... my "baby" is 4 now!
  • half a kitchen bag full of assorted junk collected from the kitchen drawers and cabinets
What about you?  Leave your list of what you've tossed this week below in the comments, or, just leave the link to your post.  And if you've written your own post don't forget to link back can grab my button from the sidebar.  I'd love to have a lot of new people post their lists each week!  

Don't forget to join me here on Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!
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