WHEW! After a super-crazy-busy Spring, I can finally take a breath. The last of the big family events was this past weekend, and my work situation has finally settled down, so I won't be working 6 days a week any more.  The recent sunny weather perfectly matches my mood!

TOSSED: Sunday night I got energized and cleaned out my bathroom cabinet on the spur of the moment. It didn't even occur to me to take pictures, but trust me, it's a huge improvement.
  • I filled half a white kitchen garbage bag with outdated beauty products and general junk.  (Most were remnants from my early couponing days, when I'd buy anything that was a great deal.  These days, I only buy the things I'll definitely use, which saves us even more money!)
  • I put all the rarely-used products (hot oil treatments, spare box of hair color, etc) into one big square basket in the back.
  • My hair dryer and curling iron found a new home in an old plastic drawer unit that fits under the sink., and my make-up case nestles neatly on top. 
  • There's now a lot less stuff cluttering up my bathroom counter= yay!
I have a huge list of projects I want to tackle now that the crazy season is over in my house.  I hope you'll join me here each week and share your decluttering/organizing progress, as well!

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