Today my goal is to clean out my desk.  Yes, OUT, not just clean OFF the top. 

I love this desk-- it's a big L-shaped desk with lots of storage.  But lots of storage= lots of space to stash clutter.  This desk is always a mess.  (Side note: my desk at work is ALWAYS clean.  My desk at home is always a mess.  What's up with that??)

Here, you can see for yourself:

I realized recently that I spend a lot of time at this desk, and I deserve a nice, organized spot.  (I'm pretty sure I read a Flylady post of a similar nature.)   If I can keep my desk at work clean and organized, I obviously should be able to do this at home.

My goals for my desk:
  1. Be able to sit down and do what I need to do--- clip/sort coupons, work on things for work, or write a card/note to someone without having to clear a space and hunt for supplies.
  2. Clean out the closed cupboards so they are useful storage.  I can't even tell you what's in there right now, so obviously that space is not being well used!
  3. Not be embarrassed when our computer whiz friend stops by and offers to do something to the computer.... which happens fairly regularly!
  4. Move my various organizing tools-- coupon box, greeting card organizer, etc. HERE.... rather than having to gather them from around the house each time I use them.  That should be no-brainer, right?
I have a lot of the "tools" to organize the space already in place--- I have a stacking basket system for various categories of paper, I have a pen cup, I have baskets for specific purposes.   Yet somehow, it's still a mess.

I figure posting my plan here will make me somewhat accountable.  So... here we go!

Don't forget to join me here on Tuesdays and share what you've tossed this week!
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