My husband wants to get rid of a bunch of toys... things the kids don't play with anymore.  Sounds reasonable, right?  They have way too many toys and the playroom is always a mess. 

For my husband, it's easy to throw the older stuff in a trashbag and toss it in the garbage.  For me, it's not so easy.  I want to go through everything, get all the pieces together, clean it all up, donate it somewhere.... ugh.   

I know that for the end goal of getting the room cleaned up, I should just go with my husband's method and get the stuff out of here.   It's just so hard for me to "waste" perfectly good stuff by throwing it in the trash.

So, for now, we have two big trashbags of toys sitting in the playroom. They are things the kids OK'd to get rid of, so what's my problem? 
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