I love my coupons.  I can play the drugstore games with the best of them- I rarely pay more than a dollar for name-brand shampoo and toothpaste, and often get those items free or nearly free. 


Coupons quickly turn into clutter.  Unclipped inserts... home mailers... sales fliers... they pile up quickly, especially since more arrive on my doorstep each week.

My solution?  I gave myself permission to toss unclipped Sunday coupons on garbage day, which is Tuesday here.  If I haven't found time to clip them by then, they go into recycling with the rest of the newspapers.  Sure, I might miss a deal or two... but I might not miss anything.   And, there are always more coupons and sales next week.

Why can't the other cluttered areas of my life be this simple to figure out?
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