Today I thought I had time to get a lot done on this house.  It's just the 4 year-old and I home during the day today, which is rare.  Dreams of massive decluttering and cleaning were on my mind as soon as I woke up this morning.

But, as usual, the day is not turning out as planned so far.  I need to go for a follow-up appointment with my doctor, and when I called to make it this morning, they said they could squeeze me in this afternoon.  Great.  Great, except that going in this afternoon meant I needed to shower. I hadn't showered yet today because I was going to wait and do it when I colored my hair this evening.  But since I needed to leave the house, I needed to shower, and I may as well color my hair while I'm in there, right?   So I did, and like that, an entire hour was gone.   Add that to the hour spent at the store picking up "just a few things" and half my morning was gone.  :sigh::

Accomplished so far today:  hung up four pictures that have been laying around forever.   Framed four photographs and will hang those as soon as I'm done with lunch/blogging break.  Flipped two loads of laundry.  Ran to the store.  Colored hair.  Made two necessary phone calls. Headed out to Dr.'s office very shortly.   Not an entirely unproductive day so far, just not what I had hoped for. 
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